The Novel Filter


This is filter encloses  a hollow fiber membrane which is made up of the polymer which is covalently attached to the antithrombic drug. Blood  removed from the wound of the patient  flows through this hollow fiber membrane. Saline  is forced in the opposite direction. The blood leaving this filter is free from fluids and toxins. Thius this device sustains antithrombic activity without the use of Heparin. 




Blood from the patient is pumped through the bioreactor and is returned to the patient after repeated washing of blood with saline. Advantage of this sytem is to sustain the antithrombic activity of blood without the use of  heparin as well as the expensive centrifugal washing system .

OUR  MISSION:  We are committed to provide high quality services to the healthcare industry at an affordable price  through the new technologies  developed by Divya Laboratories as well as  Clinical Diagnostic  Services   through Divya Diagnostics.  Besides these services, the laboratories will also focus on providing information to Nutritionists, Clinicians,Researchers and Family Practitioners on preventive health.                                                                        

CHARITY: All research work described here is being carried out through personal funds. Contributions are most welcome. Funds are necessary for the continuation of these projects.Much of the expected funds will be used to help widows, orphans,the sick and the destitutes..

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